Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Christmas is coming!!!!!!!

I got to see Santa today!!!!! I barked and barked and barked at everyone in the mall. We had to wait for a long time I was really nervous and Abbey the golden retriever behind me kept sniffing my butt. Finally I saw Santa and he was ok. Mommy and Daddy just laughed at me though. I asked him for a big bone - I hope I get it.

This afternoon I snuck under the tree and took my present from Grandma and tried to open it. But the paper makes too much noise so mommy caught me. I tried yesterday too but she caught me again. I have a big hole in it now - maybe next time I can get it open. I also put a piece of my pig chew in the wrapping paper to help mommy wrap presents for daddy but she took it out, I think daddy would like it.

It is really nice here - mommy was out with just a sweater on today and a skirt! I can poop all I want - it isn't too cold. Daddy even went golfing again. Mommy saw the tempature in Calgary was -17 today and she laughed. I hope Julien can go poo there or he will have to come live with us.


  1. Minou, I'm sure that Santa will do his best to make all your Christmas wishes come true. After all, you're such a good dog!

    Big smooch for the little pooch: mwah!

    Auntie Steph

    (Angela, I'm still laughing - you guys are crazy!)

  2. wow, that santa looks like a real santa? not like some teenage boy that i sat on. Can you tell me what your mom wants for Christmas, my mom is having trouble and by the way your present will be a little late....sorry....


    (I just poop in the house so I don't care what the tempurature is)