Monday, May 24, 2010

Today we did Groomy things. Looked at suit options for The Dictator. Well. We tried too. We want him to wear a vest and pants, no jacket. But there are surprisingly few vest options out there that don't involve buying a wool 3 piece suit. Wool + tropical beach climate = too much sweat.
The only option we found was doing a made to measure suit at the Bay - they are having sale next week, 25% off. But that is quite a bit more then we wanted to spend. But nice and it takes us back to a wool because we didn't like the colors of the linen. But it would fit the guy. He is very skinny and can't seem to wear anything off the racks.
J.Crew was always a thought but now we have less then a week to find out if it fits because of this one day sale next week. So I go online to see if they have express shipping to Canada (many of their men's suits aren't available in stores even if I did drive to Seattle) They do have shipping. ok. Try to order grey linen suit. OH no small pant sizes. ACK ACK ACK. Try to order grey cotton suit, sold out until AUGUST. Ack ack ack. Ok order same suit in different color, and same vest in different color, express them here, try them on, also order at same time vest and pants in right size and color so when they are in stock we don't miss out on them, hope the 'fit samples' get here before June 3rd - the made to measure sale. SO if we find out the J.Crew just doesn't fit him we still have the sale price on the made to measure suit.
I thought we had tonnes of time for this thing. The wedding is officially a year away tomorrow. But if you are trying to save $1000 on a suit you have to move fast. (J.Crew = $300.00, Made to Measure = $1300.00, unless we can get them to NOT make the jacket) It is hard to move fast when nothing is in stock though. Weeeeeeeee....
I think I found jewelry tonight. I keep changing my mind on things - have been looking at pictures since October. But things seem to be narrowing down now. There is less variety in what I am looking at..... But once again, if I don't buy this jewellry now a year from now it will be unavailable. BLAHHHHHHHHHH.....
Did I mention we did book the Villa? ANd our wedding planner???? YIPPEEEE!!!!

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  1. A friend of mine has the most incredible necklace that I think might go along with your wedding theme. I'll ask her if I can photograph it. I think she bought it locally.

    I'm so glad you decided to start looking for suits now! It definitely pays to shop well in advance.