Thursday, May 13, 2010

mom is coming mom is coming mom is coming! Yay!!!
Trying to clean the house before her arrival. I do not like cleaning house and it is filthy. Been at it all day and already did a bunch last week. Still lots to do. Yuck.
Oh well. Wearing my new white spring dress so I feel pretty while I'm in the grim.
Tomorrow I try on pouffy white lacy beaded ruffled numbers for the first time. HA HA HAAAA!! Should be a laugh riot. Mom and 3 friends will be joining (Tdawg, A, and C) I'm sure they will make ample fun of me. I look forward to it. I'm sure I will cry and fall in love with one but I will not buy it. I will not. I'll let you all be surprised when the time comes...

Yay. Fun wedding silly times with friends.

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