Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Had a good day yesterday with a bit of extra goodness on top....
hee hee..
First the dictator picked up our taxes after work. Let's just say I don't know why people don't like accountants. I LOVE accountants. We are getting enough $$ back to pay for our ENTIRE wedding (I mentioned it was going to be cheap right???) I was hoping to get enough for deposits but we have more then enough. I can relax. I am definitely getting married next year. If only I could get the villa, restaurant and planner to email me back - what are they busy with cinco de mayo or something silly?? Don't they know who I am????
Then as if that wasn't enough to put me on cloud nine - my garment has made it through the first round of judging!!!!!! I started panicing last night that it wouldn't make it and just as I had told the dictator my concerns about why that might happen my email beeped and there was the confirmation.
I've spent the morning printing out dressing instructions and what not. Next I need to get dressed and go out and get a box. But the puppies are getting a special treat this afternoon too - a bath and a trip to the vet so we will have to fit that all in somehow! WOO HOO!!! (They aren't sick just the annual thing)

So yah. Good things. Time to start figuring out what I will wear to the wedding and more importantly SHOES!

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