Saturday, June 5, 2010

sorry not much to report these days.
#1 it has been pouring rain for what feels like 3 weeks straight. As a result we don't leave the house.
#2 all I have been doing is wedding things WHICH I would like to keep a few surprises so best not to blog about them all...
Therefore. Nothing to report. Back at work these days but only doing 40 hour weeks. I don't know what to do with myself. I'm not used to having evenings. Usually it is home and straight to bed. I haven't quite figured out that I can start a project in the evening. Maybe this week.
The dictator is finally off to the island for a few weeks of work. He says he isn't coming back on the weekends. Well I might just have to go there then. But it also means I will really have to keep myself and the pups occupied. They might go to daycare once or twice just to tucker them out.
I want to show off my wedding stuff - I think some of it is super cute. But No. That is what my super secret bridey blog is for.
I guess I can say I am up to 4 bridesmaids.... Still waiting on 2 more. That means at least 4 wedding guests!
Another meeting with our wedding planner tomorrow....

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