Sunday, March 28, 2010

I don't know if I am anymore interesting but I am feeling happier...
The show opened. Done.
I am officially unemployed for the first time in over a year. Very unusual for me. I need the rest. So far in the two days I've been home I have had 3 naps a day. This is partially due to my back though.
I had a stiff back friday and woke up with it still there saturday. I thought i was getting a flu it was so achy. But I did some stretched and popped a few things back there only to discover the biggest knot I have ever had. By the time I had done my stretches I couldn't even bend over to put my pants on, forget picking up my car keys off the floor. The dictator had a good laugh or two at my expense. I had a lunch date with all my olympic buddies (it was so good to see them again) minus the boys and managed to sit through that. But by the time I got home I could barely get out of Cathy's car. AHHH! Lot's of heat and ice and the dictator beating me up - I mean - massaging me and it loosened up a little. I can get to the floor today SLOWLY. It really hurts though, just touching it feels like a huge bruise on my back. Tomorrow I will go find some professional help. Chiropractor or something.
I've been doing a bit of beading on my wearable art but not much else due to the lack of movement. The puppies are always happy to have a family nap though....
Not much else is new. Planning the wedding - found a new planner who is great. Had a sit down with the dictator to go over a few things he's all over it and as excited as me. Things are starting to come together..... Now I'm trying to get some people together to go fake wedding dress shopping. I wanna be a tacky bride!
anyways. happy. Tired and happy. But I have time to sleep now.

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  1. I wish I could be there to fake wedding dress shop with you.

    The back problem sounds horrible. hope you're taking the good drugs. :)