Thursday, March 25, 2010

I am so bored. I am sitting outside of the theatre with nothing to do. Don't get me wrong there are things I could do. But I'm not. It's preview night, I'm overbudget and I'm tired. It's over. I just have to look over a few changes tonight and hopefully all will be better. Sigh.
I should have gone home this afternoon. But I didn't.
Can't wait to stay home tomorrow. I have much wearable art to do. So behind it is sad. Hopefully I will start making it like crazy next week.
I wonder if I need a ticket to see the show tonight. Hmmm maybe they won't let me in and I'll have to go home.
The dictator and I are sitting down this weekend to go over wedding things. We need to start giving the planner some actual figures. Exciting. Hopefully we can do it on a baby budget. I still can't decide what direction to go with my dress. We think We know what the dictator will be wearing. We will buy it this summer in case it isn't available next spring when we need it
ok I should go down to the theatre. Check in and waste so
e time.
Thanks for listening. I'll try and be more interesting next time.

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