Thursday, November 11, 2010

HA HA bacon....

Sandra Lee Is Pissed She Didn't Think Of This

It's the 16 pages of comments that are hilarious!!!!!
Rachel Ray's late night Bacon

By mkmydarling
on November 13, 2010
IN THIS ECONOMY, we dont have fancy late night bacon money in this household. so I sliced a hot dog into approximate bacon-sized slivers.I lay the hot dog slivers out on a sheet of tin foil and I swear on my life NONE of the slivers overlapped!! I was real careful. started it & little bolts of lightning started shooting out inside of the box from the top!!! there were loud sizzling-pop-bang noises!? Idk, I grabbed my box of wine and got out of there fast..what do I do now?!?!?!

By TorgoFan
on November 13, 2010
If I had a sister who was unmarried, I would suggest she marry this recipe. Not only is it solid and dependable, it also has an air of mystery about it that is very sexy. I believe this recipe would be a good provider but also still have a bit of secretive intrigue and magic that would keep my sister guessing. This would keep the marriage from growing stale and provide excitement for years to come. None of this would be possible with daytime bacon for obvoius reasons, so for this, I thank you. You've made my sister a very happy woman.

By huh1111
on November 12, 2010
I love to give late night bacon to my friends that I have over. I try not to overcook it but it does get wrapped very tightly. I prefer not paper. When I am done, I usually put the last of the bacon away and fall asleep. I try to save the last of the bacon for either the morning or the shower.

By manitoban
on November 12, 2010
STOP! For those confused by the "Late Night" timeframe, please consult your local condo by-laws. Typical guidelines call for neighborly silence between 10pm and 8am, which is a good rule of thumb for this recipe. Anything outside this timeframe would constitute "Day Time" bacon and would require a new recipe formula.

By Teacher105
on November 12, 2010
I was really hoping to combine this scrumptious recipe with some toast, but I can't find the recipe anywhere on the Food Network. Rachel, please help me...if you know how.

By marniemaui
on November 12, 2010
An unabashedly modern twist on a seemingly-unimprovable classic! I like to substitute a country-themed tea towel for the paper on special occasions. I've found it even works at 10:00 am, in case you're considering adding "Late Night Bacon" to your next book club brunch menu. When I unwrap and reveal sur la table, everyone asks "How do you do it???" Only Rachel and I know for sure ;-

By jantzie
on November 12, 2010
This is definitely my boyfriend's favorite late night snack at my house! Wait, except I have no boyfriend, it's just me and my three legged dog. Oh, and there's no house, just a crappy studio apartment by the tracks. And then there's the fact I can't afford bacon, just Purina Beggin© Strips. But you know I OHHH GAWD WHHYYYYY DID I QUIT COURT REPORTING SCHOOL

By tablescape
on November 12, 2010
Whoa- 2 paper towels on top AND bottom? Easy there, Rach, I'm not a Rockerfeller.

By concerned citizen
on November 12, 2010
I made this fabulously simple recipe even simpler-I eliminated both the bacon and the paper towels! I turned on my microwave for 6-13 minutes and stared at it. Since it was late at night, and I was therefore drunk, it was highly entertaining. Five stars!

By ldw8888
Avon, CT
on November 12, 2010
Do you have any recipes for cereal? The kind in a box? I really like cereal, but it seems tricky- milk first? cereal? big spoon? little spoon?

By chrismonster8_7548148
Bossier City, LA
on November 12, 2010
But what about the nutmeg?

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