Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Funeral for B was today. There was a nice little group of us costume folk there. It felt good to sit and be with friends - all the emailing and text messaging over the past week was not as comforting as a good hug from someone who was feeling her loss as deeply as you.
The eulogy was short but full of memories for all of us.
She mentioned B's starbucks drink a 3/4 cup grande americano, B's favourite word 'ponder' (we spent at least a day discussing the ways ponder could be used in a sentence in Jan 2009), her love of sewing and fixing things for people (I was wearing a bracelet she fixed for me), and her love for her kids.
In between the tears there was giggles from us as we knew exactly what the speaker was talking about.

After the funeral a small group of us went for coffee - appropriate for B's memory. We remembered other things, B stealing a hotel coffee maker to make coffee at work at a particularly bad location, B's movie crush being Rhys Ifans (she always brought up the underwear scene in Nottinghill when someone expressed that they didn't know who he was), her love for Thomas Haus chocolates, her love for knitting, her love of bad jokes, losing her keys and her wallet several times (once apparently she accidentally put them in a box she was mailing home to herself from banff), accusing her of faking a sickness to get out of work (she never missed work no matter how sick)

I really can't believe she is gone. The way our business goes you don't see someone for 6 months - you don't talk on the phone or email during that time and then suddenly you spend 12 hours a day with them for the next year and call them when you are apart for 1 hour or on a 15 minute break. I kind of feel like this is just one of those in between times. Like next week I'll be on a new show and she will be there with her big cup of coffee smiling from ear to ear.....

B I miss you. I'm sorry I wasn't always 100% supportive. I have many regrets about our friendship. It's too late to change what happened now but I hope I have learned from them.


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