Sunday, April 11, 2010

A friend is running in the weekend to end breast cancer. I thought I would post a link to her team in case any of you out there want to make a donation!!!

Her words below:
I am walking in the Weekend to End Women's Cancer in August and I fundraise for the event and participate. A few of you I have already asked and talked to, and others I just didn't get the chance, but if any of you would like to support me in my journey please go to the link below to make a donation on line. It's very easy, no amount is too small and it goes to an amazing cause. You can view my personal story as well and view pictures of last year's event. But my story is simple, I walk because I can and this year I am walking in honour of my Grandmother who was a breast cancer survivor. It's an amazing time and any one who wants to join me, you can too!

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