Sunday, April 29, 2007

Minou's Birthday Dress
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It's my's birthday today!!! I am 4!!!!!!
We'll be having cake later but I already opened my presents. A new dress and some bling. (A rhinestone necklace you can't really see in the picture.)
We've practised a bit from our acting class today too. We learned 'on your mark' where you have to go stand on something. 'Pick it up' where you pick up a toy. I didn't like this one and wouldn't do it at all in class. But today I started to do it with mommy. Birdie and I would fight over the toy we were supposed to pick up. And lastly we learned 'watch' where we are supposed to watch where Mommy points so it looks like we are looking at something. It is hard. But we get LOTS of treaks!!!!! EEEEE!!!!!


  1. happy birthday Minou!
    Uncle Andrew and I send big smoochie kisses for you.

    I hope Mommy and Daddy get a tent for your birthday!

  2. Yay! Happy birthday smartypantz!