Sunday, April 29, 2007

HEP ME!!!!HEP HEP!!!!!!!
Mommee an Daddee put dis beeg blak box on mi nek. wen i burk et spraes mi en de fac. i no lek. et es tortur. kall amnistee entrnatonal. evel evel mommee an daddee.. hep mi eskap!!!!!!!! meneu stel burks!!! unfar!!!!!!!
mommee saes et wil keep moskitos awae but i no kar. get et off!!!!!!!!!!
mi adress so u kan sav mi es:
wit hous
clos to de bush i pee pee on
akross frum de sqirl

Mommy here - it is a citronella spray collar - no shocks or anything just a blast of citronella. It works extremely well (Aside from the fact it is definitely made for bigger dogs)!!! It's like we have a brand new dog. Birdie is so desparate for someone to take it off she is actually letting strangers pet her!
It's her black box - if she is ever in a plane crash we will be able to recover it and find out what happened to her - heh heh


  1. Uncle Andrew wants to know if he can get one of these for his wif...


    Burdee - if we can find the white house next to the pee pee bush across from the squirrel in Vancouver, we'll bust your tiny arse out of there!

  2. The look on Birdie's face is too funny! It looks like she's thinking, not only do I have to wear this horrible collar, but you are going to take my picture TOO???

  3. This is... my favorite Birdie photo... ever. It has it all.