Friday, April 6, 2007

Sorry - we are still alive. Some of are at least.
Mommy has been fighting a cold FOREVER. She wakes up all grumpy with a runny nose. Today was even worse then normal. She's been working tonnes too. The movie has been really busy and her play opens in 5 more days. And the sunrun is in another week. AND here is the big news. WE ARE GETTING A NEW TENT!!!!!
Mommy and Daddy are buying a new tent for us to live in. It must be even fancier then our pineapple cause mommy says they need a mortgage. They have only been looking online so far but nect week Grandpa is coming to look at tents with them. I hope the new tent has carpet and not hardwood floors - I hate hardwood floors.
Not much else is new. Birdie and I have been getting to go to work with Mommy on Fridays - we take turns. Everyone says they like me best because I don't try to bite them. I like to run into the designers office and bark at him.
Mommy bought us treats for Easter - she showed them to us - I know they are in the fridge. Daddy was looking for chocolate today too. Tomorrow when Mommy is out with Auntie Penny we will all look for our Easter treats.
We miss you all - sorry we haven't posted in awhile.


  1. That's very exciting news, Minou! I'm very happy for your Mommy and Dictator Daddy. :)

  2. I hope that you are feeling better, Minou and that Mommy gets better soon too.

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  5. Min min! I was so worried about you. Please tell Mommy that I hope she feels better soon.

    I'm very excited about the new Tent. If Mommy has any new pictures please tell her to email the links to me. I'd love to see the new tent.

  6. So glad everyone is doing well (except for Mommy's cold - feel better soon!)

    YAY - congratulations, a new tent! So exciting. We have a bunch of tent improvements to do this summer at our place.

  7. Wow! A new tent! For reals? I don't think we'll ever get our own tent. Tent rentals for life for us. We are very happy for you all! And get better Mommy!

  8. A big "get better soon" to your mommy. A new tent? Wow! It's a big leap and one I'm sure you'll love. But, you have to promise to help your Mommy and Dictator Daddy take good care of it. Tents are a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.