Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mommy came home with a bag from barking babies today and she won't let me look at it. It's my birthday on Sunday and I think it is a present!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately if it is from babrking babies it probably means it is clothes. At least I didn't have to go along and try everything on this time. Last time was so embarrassing. There isn't even change rooms she just stripes me down in front of the other customers.
Mommy and Daddy has just discovered I am psychic. I can predict the outcome of the canuck games. Mommy has asked me the last two games and I have been right. Tonight I predicted the ducks will win and well - it is looking like I will be right. Mommy asks me by saying that her right hand is the canucks and her left hand is the other team - then she asks me to lick the hand that will win. Sometimes i sniff one hand first but I always lick the winning team. I am so smart. I am so smart.
Back to my birthday - I still need a cake - I hope we go to the bakery to get one soon.
birdie is trying ti tyowe to makin this vey diggfcukt. sher always gets un the way when I am blogging. She better nit get any oresent son my birthfdya. IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

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