Sunday, April 22, 2007

It's Sunday morning. This is the first weekend Mommy has been relaxed and not stressed out in a LONG time. She is still getting up at 7:00am though. I like it because it gives me a chance to scare the morning squirrels. They think they can do whatever they want - NO WAY. It is my backyard.
Mommy started packing this weekend. She is a little insane. We haven't bought a new tent yet. She's got all these new label making machines and was labelling everything. I told her to put Birdie in a box and label it 'garbage' but she hasn't yet.
Maybe when she gets more boxes.
I went to work with Mommy on Friday - IT WAS AWESOME. Everybody gives me treats! Good treats not lame dried up dog cookies. Bagels, chips, ham etc. AWESOME.
Mommy went to a bakery when she stopped to pick up some leather coats for the movie. She came back with two chicken rolls. (Like sausage rolls with the pastry around them) They were HUGE. Bigger then my head. I got al excited because there was only two of us in the car. I figured one was for me. But Mommy ate one and left it on the dashboard. It smelled soooo good I wanted it.

But no.
Then Mommy stopped at a fabric store. I couldn't reach it.
Then we went to the theatre. I went inside with Mommy so I still couldn't get it.
Then we went to a hardware store. Again I couldn't reach it.
Last stop was at Rokko's fabric store. Mommy made me wait in the car. I didn't care. I had a plan. The chicken roll had shifted. HA HAAAAAA!!!!!!
Mommy here. I'll take over. As I got out of the car I noticed Minou wasn't anxious to come with me like she usually is. I figured she had just realized she wasn't going to get to come along. Or all the treats she mooched off of people at work was making her tired.
I went into Rokko's and bought the fabric. As I came back to the truck I waited for Minou's cute little head to pop up over the back seat.
I started opening the back of the truck to put the fabric in - nothing. I figured she was sleeping.
Usually though even if she is sleeping she pops up.
I decided I would be sneaky and be as quiet as possible and try and get to the truck drivers side without her waking up.
I quietly opened the back, put the fabric in, and closed the door.
Nothing from Minou.
Now I am getting worried. I wasn't that quiet.
My sneakiness is gone and I am just freaking out that someone has taken Minou.
I go to the drivers side door - her little head still doesn't pop up.
I look in the truck and.....

THERE WAS MOMMY!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!! I wasn't done yet!!!!. I had gotten the chicken roll down from the dashboard. I was almost done it. I could hear Mommy out the back so I was eating it as FAST as I could but I just couldn't get the whole thing down fast enough.
I figured she would be soooo mad. But she was just laughing!!!!! I scrambled to get the last few bits down as she opened the door.
SHE KEPT laughing at me.
As she got in she had to take the pastry bits off her seat

Minou has made a HUGE mess.
I tried desparately to eat the last bits but Mommy picked them up and tossed them out the car. I let out a little "NO" but she kept brushing off the seat. I said "NO" again but Mommy laughed and said I wasn't going to feel good later.
I didn't really feel good later - but that was WAY later and that chicken roll was AWESOME! That bakery is WAY better then tne 3 dog bakery. Next time I want to go inside.

Minou is not allowed inside the swiss bakery and there will not be a next time.......
It was pretty funny looking at the sadness in her eyes and her pathetic little barks for me to stop as I brushed the crumbs off the seat......

Those squirrels are back. I have to go get them. Birdie doesn't do anything to help around here.


  1. Minou - I'm sorry you lost the last of your chicken roll. I'm sure it was very good.

    Mommy - Bentley once ate three Tim Horton's doughnuts while he was left alone in the car. You and I know how hard that is to do! He didn't even have a glass of water or a cup of tea to wash it down.

  2. I liked the narrative switching back and forth between different points of view-- very Roshamon.

  3. Sophie is sooo jealous right now!

  4. Minou, what a mean mommy you have.
    Nevertheless, please tell her that the time has come to eat churros.