Monday, January 9, 2006

Today I spent a good solid constant 10 minutes asking Mommy if I could go in Birdie's pen. She totally ignored me and stayed on this stupid computer. But I kept asking.
Finally she opened it up.
I went inside and told her I wasn't happy about the bed. I growled and growled and Mommy ignored me more! I wanted her to get rid of the bed and she ignored me. I kept growling. It seemed like forever.
Eventually mommy came over and took me out of the pen and closed it so I couldn't get back in. That bed is still in there. Ugh.
Maybe tomorrow I will try again.


  1. Minou, even Snowball thinks that is weird.

    But he still think you're cute.

  2. I know Minou, new stuff in your house sucks and is a little scary. My parents got a new light fixture in my bedroom once and I growled at it for awhile until I determined it wasn't a threat.

    Maybe when birdie is a little older, she'll share her bed with you...

  3. I think you should pee in Birdie's bed...that way she knows that you're boss!

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