Saturday, January 14, 2006

I am throwing up today and mommy has bad cramps. I think we both ate something we shouldn't have. Mine might be cardboard but i don't know about Mommy. I am a little stressed about Birdie and I was hoping puking might get me out of school today. No such luck yet Mommy is still talking about going. But I KNOW she doesn't feel well. 3 more hours and it will be too late. I shall keep puking in order to make her feel bad. I've tried to do it in bed but she has caught me both times and put me on the floor. Then my stupid sister comes running to EAT MY PUKE. Mommy called her an idiot. heh heh.


  1. join the club.. i am throwing up today too.

    look at my blog.

  2. I hope you feel better soon (you and your mommy)! I've was gagging every morning for days at my house. Mommy and Daddy were scared I was going to puke in bed. I'm not dumb, I always barf on the floor. Except for those two times on the doormat. Anyway, I finally puked Wednesday morning - a GIGANTIC furball. Like a cat's, but much bigger.

    My point: maybe your mommy has a furball in her tummy. If so, don't worry, she'll puke it up in a few days.