Wednesday, January 11, 2006

----- Minou's Mommy here------ although she will never admit it, as I sit here at 6:00am - after VERY LITTLE SLEEP DUE TO CRYING - Minou is playing with Birdie!!!!


  1. What a pretty little girl...I'm glad to hear that Minou is adjusting.

    I remember the first night with Sophie - at 6:00 am I was crying as well. I swear she cried for 2 days straight, my husband and I actually had a discussion as to who was "safe" enough to drive after all the sleep deprivation. "What have we done?" kept going through my mind!

  2. I'm so proud of Minou - she's either going to do very well with Birdie, or she's lulling you all into a false sense of security. I bet she's got Birdie's shipping box all ready for the post office.

  3. Welcome to the new baby! I hope Minou isn't ready to ship Birdie off, but if she does, I'll get you my address.

  4. Was Minou crying or Birdie? hmmmmmmm

    I'm glad you're playing with the interloper, Minou! You are still the cutest puppy ever. Wonder if birdie gets a dog blog? Probably too young to know how to type though....


  5. Oh God... I can still remember Emmi Lou's first night with me.

    I just about packed her ass in the car and drove her all the way back to where she came from.

    I bet it's one of those really HIGH-PITCHED screaming/crying things that Birdie's doing.

    But it's good that Minou is playing with her. It took Baxter quite some time to come around to Emmi Lou.

  6. Hey minou it's riley I think you shouldn't worry about birdie although I don't know what it feels like yuet to have another dog around the house but I am sure if you cooperate you will get alpng fine