Wednesday, January 4, 2006

ok Mommy is brilliant.
She came up with a new way to vote. If onlywe could get the government to adopt her idea before the next election.
She hates the conservatives - HATES, grimaces whenever their commercials are on.. ewwwwww.. anyways instead of voting for the other parties she would rather just MINUS a vote for the conservatives. None of the parties are very good but anything is better then the conservatives. SOOOO we just want to minus a vote for them. Makes sense non? we should be able to do that - why not???
ok so let's just get this started before Jan 23rd or when ever it is - AND VOTING RIGHTS FOR PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hey, at least ya'll are "Bush Free"! I'd like to kick off a "Just Say No" campaign for Bush!

  2. Minou - Uncle Andrew and I would like to subtract our votes from the Conservative Party as well.

    So that's Conservatives - 2 votes.

  3. yes, conservatives are EVIL.

    and don't even get me started on that retard george bush...

    mommy has brainwashed me.