Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I and my student have been tagged by gromit
5 weird things about me and thor and maybe I'll add mommy into it just so we can come up with 5 things...
this is hard thinking stuff.
1. I don't eat my food by my food dish. I take it one piece at a time and usually bring it to the middle of the living room where I crunch it and eat it. I am teaching Thor to do the same thing. Sometimes I take a piece to the living room and just leave it there. It drives mom nuts cause there are pieces of uneaten crunch crunch everywhere. It blends in with the carpet and she steps on it and screams. These days I have to be careful because Thor waits for me to drop it and then she steals it. She is stealth like.
2. This is kind of weird but maybe not really. I am taller and have a longer nose then most chihuahuas. Supposedly I am 100% chihuahua but we aren't sure. Lots of people think I may have some minature pinscher or whippet in me. Mommy says it gives me model looks and Thor is never going to be as elegant.
3. I have a sheepskin carpet that I like to dig in. I put my head down so the top of my head in directly on the sheepskin and then I dig as fast as I can. Mommy has always found this funny and comes to dig with me. She says we are doing yoga. Thor is learning how to do it too but she likes to try and bite me and Mommy while we are digging.
4. Weird mommy fact now. Mommy doesn't wear buttons. No blouses - they have buttons. No shirts with collars - they have buttons. She never ever ever has. She just thinks she looks funny in them. (Jackets and pants not included)
5. Weird me and Mommy fact - I like to lick Mommy's feet right before she goes to sleep - under the blankets in bed. And she likes it cause she says it is like a mini foot massage. It is our little nightly ritual. It drives daddy nuts cause he says my licking is to loud.
There that is all I can think of. And since gromit already tagged Auntie Steph I will leave my tagging up to anyone who wants to be tagged...
consider yourself tagged


  1. Minou, can you pass on the message to your mommy that her new fair isle gadget looks cool? I should keep my eye open for one to encourage me to try fair isleing myself (because I need to spend $ to force myself to learn something new. It worked for socks.)

    You, mommy, and birdie are too cute - picturing you digging on the rug. Sophie digs on "her" futon, but we don't encourage it.

  2. I love licking mommy's feet too and my daddy has a bird about it...something about "dog spit".... I don't know what she puts on them to make them taste so yummy!!!