Thursday, January 5, 2006

mommy is stupid and broke her mini ipod. She is very sad. DO NOT attempt to replace batteries by yourself. You will break your ipod and be very very very sad......
mommy hardly slept last night. she was so sad about her ipod. Kind of like daddy and his golf clubs. She takes her ipod more places then she takes me... anyways so she woke up at 5:00 this morning, went on ebay, and bought a new one. We just hope it works. She has stupidly bid on about - ohhh - 4 others so if she wins a bunch of ipods guess what Auntie steph will get for her birthday and daddy will get for his birthday - FOR THE NEXT TEN YEARS!!! The new one is sexy green instead of her pink one. She didn't want the new nano cause it doesn't hold as many songs and the new ipods are all made of plastic. The mini's are the best!!! i bet Mommy gets it the same day Birdie comes home... 4 more sleeps...


  1. my dad says to take it to radio shack and they will replace it ...even if you didnt get it there... you can take it there and they will give you a new one!!!!

  2. ohhhhh.... please let mommy "win" another ipod.

    Wait... that win thing is deceptive, isn't it? She'd still have to PAY for the winnings.

    This Ebay thing sounds like a scam to me!

  3. my mom has a mini ipod, too!

    i hate that thing...

    she hasn't tried to replace the batteries yet, though... looks like she's going to have someone else do it...

    mom's a klutz, and will probably end up breaking hers too.