Tuesday, January 24, 2006

little bit of note that mommy and I saw on the news tonight, there wasn't a single riding in Vancouver, Toronto, or Montreal that voted for the Conservatives. What does that say? Interesting eh?

ADDING A NOTE as per Paula - Halifax/Dartmouth also did not have a single riding vote for a conservative.
So does anyone know who exactly we have to blame for this?


  1. Sounds like seceding is the only answer!!

  2. I know we're not a BIG city like those west of us however we did our part in trying to hold back the blue tide...
    There are only two ridings in Halifax.
    Halifax - Alexa McDonough (NDP)and Halifax West - Geoff Regan (LIB)as well one riding in Dartmouth. Dartmouth-Cole Harbour - Michael Savage (LIB)
    At least it is a minority, oops I said it again and it still does not help.

  3. We even had a leninist-marxist candidate on our ballot in Halifax.

  4. So, are you getting along with birdie now?

  5. Funny that it's a bit like the states -- the coasts never understand what's going on in the middle (and I'm counting Toronto as east coast here). On the flip side, the middle thinks the coasts are weird. Me, I'm glad I live near a coast.

  6. Me, I blame the 40% who did not vote...
    Holly says "woof eh!" to Minou & Birdie.