Tuesday, January 10, 2006

their first nap together

their first nap together
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yah she looks cute here but let me tell you. I hate her. It is bedtime and I can't sleep because she won't stop crying. I keep growling at her to shut up but no luck. AND she can get out of the pen! She only comes up to the second rail but she climbs out. AND she gets soft dog food that I never got.
SHE WON'T stop crying...
I am being extra good so she seems extra BAD. I only tried to bite her once and she deserved it - she was sniffing me.
at the vest she cried the loudest out of all of them. big baby.............
I am not going to tell her about my blog or she will want one too. at least mom is makng sweaters for her too so now I won't always have to be the fashion victim.

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  1. So tiny! The first 48 hours are usually the worst, adjustments and all.