Sunday, January 29, 2006

Originally uploaded by Luc, Ang, Minou and Birdie.

grandpa came to visit this weekend. He wanted to take Thor home and I tried to let him but Mommy stopped me. I had lots of naps with Grandpa since Thor hogs Mommy's lap....
We went to the USA. Birdie was there ILLEGALLY. I was hoping she would get arrested. She hasn 't had her rabies shot yet so she isn't supposed to cross the border. We went to target. It was so boring we fell asleep in our bag while Mommy and Grandpa shopped.
Not alot else is new - it has been pouring rain so all I can do is try and not poo poo.
OHHH Auntie Thyrza got us a new bag too. Thor really likes it she keeps playing with it.
Tired. Bed time


  1. Who's the most precious dog in all of Blogland?



    Your pins arrived! Uncle Andrew loves them and so do I!

  2. it has been raining here in the US, ohio, for days now... it sucks I have to run reall fast outside to poopie and then run real fast right back makes fun of me and calls me twinkle toes cause I dont like to get my feet wet...Its so unfair....