Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thor is doing well - except she Bit Me in the Ass. Yah. Not Cool. Although she has the natural instinct of a killer I am unable to guide her ferociousness in the right direction. I will continue with training. She will be taught. I was doing en excellent job of getting her to destroy mommy's knitting. Mommy has screwed up that sweater several times tonight due to Thor's yanking and biting on the yarn. HEH HEH HEH..


  1. The name THOR is not as scary as THE EVIL SOBAKOWA. hint hint.

    p.s. my mom says ya'll are too cute for words, I think she must be clawed tonight in soft places while she is sleeping....

  2. Train her, but you clearly will have to watch your back. Be patient and devious and your little grasshopper will do you proud, oh wise one.