Friday, January 6, 2006

hey knitters!

minou's sweater
Originally uploaded by Luc, Ang, Minou and Birdie.

if we don''t like the bum flap portion of my new sweater can we pick up stitches from the middle and then frog the bottom off??? then we could make it a regular sweater bottom that doesn't cover my bottom and we won't have to worry about blocking it flat. (in the picture it is sticking to the carpet so we can make it lay nicely but when you pick it up it bunches up all yucky - this will be fine on the body where it will be stretched but the bum flap won't have any tension on it and we are concerned)

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  1. I've never done it, but you can actually cut your work and then pick up the stitches and knit down to the hem line.

    The bunching may come out in the blocking.