Saturday, January 31, 2009

AHHH! This will take forever

AHHH! This will take forever
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So. this is going to take awhile.
The bottom ruffle required 16 pieces of newspaper all painted with stripes and sewn together. Did I mention newspaper likes tp rip when it even within sight of the sewing machine? There is little pieces of scotch tape everywhere....
Hopefully if I can do two ruffles a weekend I'll get it done on time. I guess this weekend will be the worst with the two biggest ruffles to sew. I need to cut more strips tonight for the next one.
I think it looks good though - it should have lots of stage presence with the stripes. It would look rather blah without them. (Of course I have to add bits of leopard print too...)
The skirt is huge - I'm debating putting a bit of a hoop in it - although that will be such a pain after the ruffles are on. It would have to be a separate hoop skirt. I was kind of hoping the ruffles would pull the skirt out on their own but they are stiff enough.
Oh well. As long as it looks good and I get it done on time...
March 6th is the submission deadline....

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