Friday, January 23, 2009

Working on something for a friend in my 'spare' time. What fun!!!
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I'm still alive. Had a little job on the Vancouver Opera sewing costumes for Carmen. It was fun but now it is over. Finished my sketches for Three Penny Opera tonight at Cap College. What relief. I still want to tweak one or two but at least each student will have a sketch to look at on Monday for the presentation.
Not much else going on. Minou and Birdie are restless as they don't want to go for walks. We still have a bit of snow covering many of the paths and they hate it. Unfortunately more snow is in the forecast for next week. Poop.
This is a little peek at a logo I'm working on for the fabulous LALA!!! It isn't don'e yet but I think it is cute so I thought I would share it.....
Time for a little bedtime snack.

P.S. still working on my socks.... Got 44 rows into the second and realized I had my cables in the wrong spots and had to start it over. Grrr I'm back up to row 26..... Sigh. The nice lady at Black sheep yarns (our new fabulous local yarn store) let me exchange the second ball I thought I needed for another color way so when I get these done I will be able to start a second pair right away.


  1. Love the graphic for Lala. It's so cute.

  2. I LOVE it!! LaLa might like some "Klommpen" (wooden shoes)