Saturday, October 4, 2008

Minou at the mcdonald's drive thru
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went to mcdonald's today. I like drive thrus they always give me treats. Stupid lady gave me a milk bone today. I wanted FRIES and pickles with ketchup on them. Not a boring milkbone. I kept staring at her and she just laughed at me. If we weren't on leashes I would have sent Birdie over there to bite her.
Ugh. Never did get fries. I went on the coffee table after blubber butt finished and she had eaten them all. Nice. Like she needed every last crumb.
- M


  1. You know, Minou, it's amazing you aren't HUGE as a result of your milkbone addiction.

  2. Is Minou old enough to drive?

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  4. Two of my kids/product testers are Chihuahuas!!

  5. Minou- you blog less than I do! Was in your city this weekend, bought Maisie A LOT of treats from a Dog Bakery on W 4th. She apparently loves Peanut Butter cookies, and cheeseburgers, and coffee (cream no sugar).