Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I need some help people.
I entered my dress into the New Zealand Wearable Art Awards or WOW
I did it because the lady said - "it doesn't cost anything and if you enter this year we will automatically send you a entry pkg next year. I was interested in the entry pkg. This year I thought of it to late and the deadline is May 1st - not alot of time to make something new....

Only they accepted my dress and now I seriously want to send it!!!!

Here is where the problem starts. I can't find cheap shipping to New Zealand. The first place I checked wanted $2300.00 ONE WAY! I can fly there for cheaper. The second place was $1600 - better but still not even remotely feasible. It needs to be well under $500 for a return and then I can start to think about it.

Anyone have any suggestions? I've been emailing a few cargo places suggested to me but so far no luck. Next I think I might start looking into shipping out of the US - that could be cheaper too.

I spilled ALOT of soya sauce on my leg 1/2 an hour ago and well it stinks. I think I'll go put my pj bottoms on before I go order chinese food. (it fell out of the fridge and down my leg and all over the floor this evening)

That's all for now... It is rainy and cold here but supposed to be a BEAUTIFUL weekend. YIPPEE!!!!


  1. Put an ad on facebook and all the youth hostels in a backpacker (that is going to NZ) to take it to New Zealand for $250.

    do they still have air know people that travel with your luggage for cheap, or did that all end after 911?

    My verication word is constag.fitting

  2. Can you get someone to smuggle it up their bum?

    If not, I suggest going with what Con said.

  3. Are you on Ravelry?

    I know your dress is not knitted or crocheted however there are many international groups and diverse people on Ravelry.

    Ask in Remnants, the Kiwi group, even the Canadian Knitters someone may have a lead. There is also an underground mail group called Guerrilla mail they find unconventional ways to ship packages to and from Canada