Wednesday, January 6, 2010

bus story day 2

Same bus driver.... I get on. Not my usual time since I went to the library after work. BIG MISTAKE. It isn't rush hour anymore. He can go as crazy fast as he wants. Which also means he can brake as hard and just as fast as he wants. I can barely stay in my seat for most of the ride.
It starts off okay but then the carsick starts. I can tell - I am either going to pass out or throw up. Not sure which. Don't know what to do. I desparately want to stay on. I am still a 45 minute drive from home and who knows how long it would take Luc to come get me - not to mention my cell phone is almost dead.
I close my eyes and take very DEEP BREATHS praying I will not throw up. Passing out would be better - he would stop driving and fuss over me. And look - there is an ambulance right in front of the bus... DEEP BREATHS.....

I open my eyes every what seems like hour to check how far we have gotten. I'm telling myself if I can make it to the other side of the barnett highway I can walk home if Luc isn't there or my phone is dead....

Then a FAT guy gets on the bus. There is TONNES of extra seats. But guess who he picks to sit with. ME. His elbow extends into my lap. OHHHH.... and he smells. OHHHH going to throw up again. I can't take deep breaths or I smell his stink. Ugh. and we aren't even at the barnett yet let alone on the other side.


Other problem is it is an express bus so even if I decided to get off sooner the bus doesn't stop until it even gets to the barnett. The day before a lady had tried to talk her way off sooner and he wouldn't let her off. I'm sure puke would convince him but I didn't really want to get to that. AND with his driving I didn't think I could walk to the front of the bus in my current condition - ASSUMING I could even get PAST the fat guy.

It was horrible.

Finally we were on the Barnett. I was waiting to get to the city streets again and not on the highway but I didn't quite make it. I staggered off on the side of the highway and just stood there crying for a bit. When I finally felt better I ran across 6 lanes of highway and started to walk home. My phone was still working and Luc soon found me.

OH it was yucky. I have today off. I don't have to take the bus. I am scared to take it now.. I wonder if people ever complain about that kind of thing and if anything actually happens when they do or do the drivers all sit around and laugh. I could almost get this guy on sexual harrassment and bad driving...

Anyways. I'm taking my truck today. And very happy about that.


  1. You've got the worst motion sickness of anyone I know. I don't think you were meant for life outside of the prairies, where I imagine all roads are straight and free of tummy-dropping bumps.

    I wonder if those wrist bands would help you.

  2. Try the wrist bands - I even saw them at the dollar store in saskatoon. Probably should carry some plastic bags too just in case. Wow, how did you ever manage before you had your truck and started to drive yourself around.