Sunday, January 30, 2011

Had my first fitting of my mock up for my wedding dress today. IT'S WORKING! Yay! Thank goodness. I'm a little freaked about the whole thing.
A) don't usually make things for me, or things that actually have to fit someone properly
B) usually have someone telling me how they want me to sew it - I don't have to think for myself
c) usually have another design I am copying not winging it like I am now....

But so far so good. That includes a thumbs up from Cathy - one of the bridesmaids.... (she pinned me in)

I wish I could post pictures but that would ruin the surprise. I am taking some though! Don't worry...

Not much else is new. Working. Alot. So is the dictator. We are tired.

Also dieting - you know - wedding and all - down 7lbs since the 1st. Was supposed to be 8 lbs this week but that last pound eluded me. Maybe next week.... We like to pretend it is because I am building muscle mass with my new wii work out. Aside from the fact I can barely walk after one of the work outs I'm not so sure that is true.

sorry I am so lame posting.....

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