Monday, February 21, 2011

Today sucks.
First my cramps start in the wee hours of the morning so I didn't sleep great. Now I'm functioning in a drugged haze which is never great.

I finally get moving and decide to get something done so I head up to my sewing room. I turn on my laptop happy to watch some tv shows while I sew.
But NOOOO...

I had the icon of death.
The file folder with the question mark in the middle. DEAD HARD DRIVE.

And in this drugged haze what upsets me more then the dead laptop. The fact that I can't watch the $4.00 worth of 30 rock episodes I downloaded last night. HOW UNFAIR. Itunes I hate you. I then proceed to spend 30 minutes on the phone with apple - not to fix my computer - but to find out how I can get my $4 back OR download the tv shows again. I still don't have the solution to this.

I get over that and now I decide to go pay our utility bill. YAY FUN. but Oh the mail is here. and OH a letter for me from my car dealership. OH YIPPEE! A safety recall on my car!!!! YIPPEE!! Oh yah and did I mention it is trying to snow? YIPPEE YIPPEE YAY!


I took my computer in. All is lost but I can get a new harddrive for $200. Safety recall I'll deal with tomorrow.

I'm going back to bed before something else goes wrong today.

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