Saturday, May 5, 2007

We had school again today.
It was HARD.
First we showed how we had done with 'on your mark'
I was so good I actually got to show everyone else how good I was. EEEEEE!!!!! I would sit on my blanket then Mommy would say 'on your mark' and I would run to the little wooden block and put both my paws on it! Then TREAT!
Next we were supposed to learn 'nudge it'. It seemed rather peasant to me -so I wouldn't do it. I sat there looking at Mommy trying to tell her with my pleading eyes that I was NOT going to stoop the the level of everyone else and nudge a plastic bowl with a crumb of a treat under it. I KNOW that is NOT how to get the treat out. You DIG on it. (Which I tried until Mommy stopped me)
After awhile of me refusing to do that one the teacher said maybe I needed a break so we got to go outside and sniff a bit.
Next the teacher asked if anyone knew shake a paw. Mommy said I did but I got a little exicted whenever I did it and ended up giving high fives. The teacher asked Mommy to show her what I did.
Mommy said 'sit'
I sat.
Mommy said 'enchante'
Everyone laughed cause it wasn't shake a paw.
I gently lifted up my hand for Mommy to kiss and sat nicely looking at her. HAHAHAHAHA!!! I didn't jump up for a high five afterward or turn around in many circles. I made Mommy look like a liar!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
Everyone laughed again.
Next we learned 'head down' we are supposed to lie down and then put our head on the ground. Well I totally knew what Mommy wanted me to do but I refused to do it. I just lied there looking at her, or Birdie, or outside. Finally she gave up and we went back to tricks I can do.
Then we were supposed to learn how to crawl. Again I wasn't interested so I just sat there ignoring Mommy.
Mommy was getting REALLY frustrated. I was laughing on the inside. She was practically on her belly crawling trying to get me to do it.
FINALLY it was over
When we got home Mommy was telling Daddy about class. (He had to work today so Auntie Penny was with Birdie) She was showing Daddy the hand signals for head down and saying how I wouldn't do it. So just to get her again I did it perfectly. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Then she said 'lift' and I lifted my head and then she said 'head down' and I put it down again. HAHAHAHAHA!
Mommy hasn't figured out how I like to make fun of her and make her look stupid.
Maybe next week I'll teach her something.

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