Saturday, November 29, 2008

It is 3:30am. Minou and I can't sleep. Well that isn't true - she was sleeping. I just keep moving which is rather disruptive.
I feel like I should be productive instead of watching lame Colin Farrell movies on TV BUT I'd rather just go to bed. Ugh. Not sure why I can't sleep. I didn't have a nap today - only slept in until 8:00am (did I mention I am officially unemployed again with a looming actor's strike) all I can think is that it is the small mug of hot chocolate I made around 7:00pm. Blah. Won't do that again if that is the case.
Been working on my homework - taking it to the printers tomorrow. Hopefully it is good enough. Ugh. Next I have to figure out how to bind it - then we hand it in on Tuesday.
I have a few other things on the go to some for other people, some for Xmas..
This is for (shhh don't tell) Julien. Here is hoping he doesn't read my blog.
Don't tell Julien!
I'm hoping to put together a whole bunch of them - I won't say much more in case he DOES read my blog... that would be bad. Ruin his whole Christmas I'm sure.
Sigh. Maybe I'll try going back to bed - I just hate it when I toss and turn and disrupt the dictator, he is such a light sleeper - probably hearing my fingers on the key board 3 rooms away is waking him up.

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