Saturday, February 7, 2009

Did another ruffle on my newspaper dress this morning. I was going to try and get two done but I am out of paint. Must head out to Michaels and see what they have.
I have another idea for it too - not sure if it will work - I'm going to get that thin spaghetti - is it spaghettini? I'm going to boil it, then arrange it in decorative scrolly shapes on wax paper. Let it dry. Paint it black. Sew it on and hopefully use it as a sort of lace/embroidered effect on the bodice.
I also bought some silver and black itty bitty swarovski crystals to put on the bodice. Gotta love the sparkle. I can get them wholesale at Jefferson here - they still aren't cheap but I LOVE them.
I can't really take pretty progress pictures this weekend as my mannequin and tea bag dress had a date somewhere. I don't even know where they go half the time. It has a better social life then me.

Not much else is going on. Working at cap college - the students are doing some beautiful work - hopefully it will be a nice looking show. I'll have to start taking some pictures of their projects so you can see the dresses I've been drawing over the last month come to life...

It also looks like I will be starting on a movie sooner rather then later. Sewing - no stress yay! Zombie movie too - heh heh fun Zombie costumes.....

It has felt like spring here the past few days, driving around with my window rolled down singing along to the tunes but today of course when the dictator is home with me it looks like it is going to rain. No walks for the girls....


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