Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm still alive. Sort of...

That flu really knocked me out. I spent this week absolutely exhausted. Napping, going to bed early, you know that kid of stuff. Friday I started my new movie job which is good! We started with a 12 hour day though. By the time I got home I was so pooped. I was asleep by 10:00 - and out of it. And stayed that way until almost 10:00 the next morning. The Dictator said he kept waking up and looking over at me but I was dead to the world. I am usually up by 7:00 am. I had two naps yesterday too.

The weather has been gorgeous. We went for a long walk with the girls yesterday. It definitely feels like spring. The trees are starting to bud the snow is gone. Those groundhogs were way wrong. Today it is raining for the first time in 2 weeks. It feels like a nice gentle spring rain and not one of those crazy downpours of freezing rain one would usually expect this time of year. I even have some windows open....

Not much else. I need to work on my wearable art dress. I made a hoop skirt last week but now I have some changes I want to make.... I wat to get rid of the leopard print on the skirt, I need to add another ruffle on the bottom, AND I have to redo the ruffle at the waist. I think these are going to have to go on by hand sadly as I can't fit this stuff on the machine anymore. SCARY. The dictator already had to hold it as I sewed the last three ruffles. Maybe I'll get some pictures later today of the hoop and any progress I make. It is HUGE now... HUGE...


  1. Will it fit in the car!? 'Cause that will be funny.
    Glad you're feeling better! I doubt I'll get the flu- since I've been getting a flu shot its always passed me by. One day I won't, just to shake off that extra 10 pounds and get some quality sleep :)

  2. I was wondering how you were / where you were all weekend.

    I hope you're feeling better after all the sleep.