Sunday, March 1, 2009

I should be getting ready for work - yes it is a Sunday. But Ugh. I need to relax a bit it is to busy right now.
I'm working on a Zombie movie 3 days a week ( Monday Thursday Friday) and then at the University 4 days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday) The movie would like to have me more though so I won't be surprised if this Tuesday and Wednesday I go to the movie for 3 hours before I go to the univeristy and go back there when I am done. UGH.
My play opens Thursday the 13th and the movie goes to camera the following Monday - that is really bad timing.
The play is WAY behind. Painfully so. Not sure what to do about that. Didn't sleep well last night. Couldn't stop thinking of things I need to do.


Min min came with me yesterday, she was bored and uninterested in showing off for the students. Today I'll bring the brat. She'll just try and bite them all....

Last night I worked on my dress a bit. Fixed the top ruffle, covered up the leopard print on the front. Did I mention my photoshoot for my dress is scheduled on March 15th - 2 days after my play opens? One before the movie goes to camera? IDIOT!!!!!!

2 more weeks and I can relax again....
I better shower and get my butt out the door (I'm waiting for the fabric store to open)

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  1. Ummmm... Friday is the 13th. That means Thursday is the 12th. I don't know if that gives you more or less time.

    If I could warp the space-time continuum for you, you know I would.