Friday, March 27, 2009

still alive!
Catching the ferocious beasts in their natural habitat
even those these scary dinosaurs were after me last weekend. Look how they lick their lips....
Been trying to get a few more things up on etsy this week -I bought a showcase spot in the pet section. I'm curious if it will actually turn into any more sales..... We'll find out! I managed to finish up the dinosaur pattern I started months ago - although according to my amazing proofreader (yes it's steph who else) it is FULL of typos. I still haven't bothered to check them myself.
You see - along with the etsy thing and my day job the dictator has had pneumonia this week. I tried my best to play nurse for him. He has managed to survive and hopes to be back at work on Monday. Thank goodness it isn't contagious.
Anyways - I'm going to run upstairs to try and sew a few more things that I can post tomorrow morning once my showcase spot starts. I really need daylight for photographs otherwise I'd add more tonight still....
So if anyone wants to spend money they don't have feel free to spend it on me!

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