Saturday, July 18, 2009

Oh oh I forgot to say - my dress made it through the next round of judging - it is going to the big fashion show. The awards night is Sept 25th so now we have a long wait ahead of us where I start thinking I should go to the show... How often does one get to do this????
I posted on the designer forums asking if there was any local designers that would have a couch I could crash on - at least then I wouldn't have to worry about hotels and if they were nuts I could always go to a hotel.
I did a ticket search online - about $2000 return. Alot - but just low enough that it isn't out of the question..... I'd have to get the time off work - probably at least a week with the time change - they are a day ahead of us...
I wish someone could come with me and talk me into going.... it would be awesome to go with a friend....

In the meantime I am SICK. I have what we are calling the T2N1 virus - aka the Tron 2 virus. Everyone was getting sick, it was my last day friday. I stayed home because I felt so horrible. It's just a cold but I am starting suckerpunch on Monday and would LOVE to feel rested for suckerpunch.

The dictator and I booked a campsite for August long weekend mussel beach we've been there before and quite like it.... our first camping trip of the summer - which is quite pathetic but it wasn't possible any sooner with the hours I was working on Tron.... Hopefully it will be nice and relaxing - just laze around all day and soak up the sun.......



    Your dress is going to the fashion show? Dammit why did I have to have a baby AND be poor all at the same time. I would LOVE to go with you!

    I sent you two texts and didn't hear back from you so needless to say I'm glad that you've got T2N1, b/c I was starting to think about calling hospitals/morgues in your area.

    Feel better soon.


  2. GOOOOOO!!!!! You are a designer right?? can't someone sponsor you?? GOOOOOO!!! You don't have kids (human ones) GOOOOO!!! in two years when you are kicking yourself $2000.00 and a week off work will seem like a ridiculous reason not to go!!

    sorry about Tron