Tuesday, August 4, 2009

From Julien

still trying to cope with the loss of Julien. My sister is very upset. We lost him in a very tragic accident. I'm hoping to go to Castlegar on the weekend just to be with her. Wish I could go sooner but work would never forgive me for taking more time off - not to mention my bank account.....
At least I can go for one day....

In the meantime I have been given the Dictator's blessing to go to NZ. I owe it to our kayaking guide on our holidays. There we were out in the ocean paddling away. Just the three of us. Heather - the guide - starts to tell us about how amazing our ocean is, and then just happens to compare it to New Zealand - completely out of the blue!!!!!! I mention I want to go and why. She proceeds to try and help me convince the the Dictator. Well apparently it worked. I owe that girl a bottle of wine.

So now I'm trying to find out if the flight is still available, where to stay for the extra night, if I can still get a ticket to the show, get the ok for the time off work... etc etc etc. The jet lag is going to kill me for such a short trip but I don't have a choice. It can't be much worse then working on set in film. Mondays you are starting at 7:00am, Fridays you are starting at 7:00pm...

I sent a bunch of emails tonight. We'll see what I find out tomorrow...

My etsy shop is thriving as well thanks to the gift guide thing - crazy! Only one sale out of it so far but lots of requests and people adding me as a favourite (it's doubled from 80 to 200 in 24 hours) I've decided to give half of my proceeds over the next month to the Nelson SPCA in Julien's name..... Hope I can raise some money......

ok time to go veg in front of the tv and check in on my sister..............
From Vacation 2009

kayaking fashion
From Vacation 2009

my little helper
From Vacation 2009


  1. I am so sorry about Julien. Losing a dog, especially so suddenly is horrible. There's a devastating emptiness there and unfortunately, we will always miss them and wish we had more time. We never have enough time with them as it is. I don't have any words of comfort to help alleviate her grief, it just eventually gets easier because you have to go on. But it sucks.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about Julien. I loved seeing pics of him, my dog is an English Bulldog named Oliver(Ollie). Sending lots of bulldog slobbery love your sisters way.

    Crystal & Ollie.

  3. XOXO for Julien.

    XOXO for the kayak guide - or should I say, "Fairy godmother"?

  4. Cheryl (dcandbperry@yahoo.com)August 14, 2009 at 7:20 AM

    so sorry to hear about Julien. What happened?