Thursday, August 20, 2009

trying to make a wool bustier/corset like top to wear to the show in NZ. BUT IT ISN"T WORKING.
A) I can't fit it on myself
B) cups are really hard to shape - think madonna pointy gauliter boobs and you will be close
C) it has been 30 again here making my sewing room on the 4th floor REALLY HOT. Especially with the iron on. After a long day at work sewing I don't want to stand in a hot room and sew something that isn't working.......


Angie is supposed to pop by - I am hoping she can help me fit it. But I am a little worried it is more then a fitting I need - more like a reconstruction of the entire pattern..........
I really want to start it this weekend so I hope I can figure it out.

I have the skirt pattern.

I need a shrug next - and NO I am not knitting it. No time. sew sew sew.....

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