Friday, October 30, 2009

been having fun with a new itouch app.
From halloween 2009

except it crashes way too much......

We dressed up at work today - I dressed as my 'tablemate' Catherine. It was pretty funny. Just happened to wear the exact same colors as her (I swear this was a fluke and I don't have a webcam set up in her bedroom), curled my hair as best I could (she has naturally curly hair) and wore my reading glasses.... Really I looked nothing like her - most people didn't even understand I was dressed up but when they figured it out we laughed our asses off for hours... There were some funny photos taken - if I ever get a copy I'll post them...... Work was good today. Much giggling... Halloween should happen more then once a year. It is amazing how many laughs a person can get from a cheap wig and a goofy hat.
From halloween 2009

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