Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We finally felt well enough to get up off the couch and more then four feet away from a bathroom. So we went to the mall. I didn't know where to start looking at rings and it is a wednesday night so why not the mall.
I didn't know in less then 2 hours and 3 stores I'd see the exact ring I wanted, within the dictator's budget and a canadian diamond.
But I did. I started crying. Such a loser.
We walked away from it initially.
But then we went back. I could tell the dictator wanted to get that one. And after going into two other stores I didn't like anything else anymore. What's the point of shopping around?
So we bought it.
It is being sized so alas no good pictures yet - that is just the tiny picture of it from the certificate. I love it and can't wait to show off my new bling.....
I think I'm gonna go cry again.

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  1. Andrew and I are all teared up. We love you guys so much and are so happy for both of you!