Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I can't sleep. Not at all. It sucks.
I've even tried a glass of warm milk. Been watching bad tv for hours in the dark. The puppies are both here. Sleeping.

I know not everyone thought my graphic design idea was the most brilliant but I am excited about it. Sadly there is no money (or not enough money for my mortgage) in an esty shop or doggie clothes for me. I shop at the doggie clothing stores here in Vancouver and I can't compete with what they have. There are so many little details and great fabrics in dog clothes now that it is impossible to do it on a small scale and be competitive. I just can't make them that cheaply. And then there is the advertising....
blah blah blah. I know graphic design isn't a done deal but at least - assuming I am somewhat decent at it - I have some control over it - unlike film. This writer's strike bites.

Getting my haircut tomorrow. Desparately needs it. It is long and scraggly. I never comb it because it is to much of an ordeal. So I end up with a bad looking Britney Spears doo. Not attractive. Think I will chop off several inches.

Man it is 2:30am. I am seriously WIDE AWAKE. There is no way I am going to boot camp in the morning. Impossible to run around at gym and do push ups at 6:00am with 3 hours of sleep (if I am lucky)
No good tv on.

For those that don't know my dad is engaged. I'd tell ya the loverly lady's name but I can't spell it properly. No date has been set. For those of you who keep track:
grandma = two weddings
mom = two weddings
sister = two weddings
dad = soon to be two weddings
me = 0 weddings. me = dating boyfriend longer then any of the above did before getting married..... HMMMMM........
Will someone please talk to the dictator for me? PUH-LEASE!

I really want to go to sleep. I am not interested in staying up all night.

ok got to find something else to pass the time instead of writing the world's worst blog entry.


  1. Life decisions suck. I've changed my mind, graphic design sounds great. You don't need shallow advice from the peanut gallery.

  2. You know I'll support you in whatever you decide to do! Graphic Design; pimping the dogs; working for Krispy Kr*me...

    Maybe some TV shows in England need a designer?