Sunday, January 13, 2008

sooo.... until this writer's strike is over, or until I lower my standards of what I consider acceptable working conditions, I am probably going to be unemployed.
Time to start looking at other career choices because I don't like putting money stress on my sweetie or myself. I should be able to pay my own bills. I am apparently an adult.
So I am thinking of taking some graphic design courses. Anybody think I am nuts? I've been thinking about this for the past few weeks - wondering what is somewhat related to what I already do, something I LOVE just as much as costumes, maybe something I can put my billion years of education towards. I think graphic design fits the bill. I love my computer, I love web design stuff - doing code, new programs, playing in photoshop. I think it could work. And I just happened to find a college with night classes starting next week. Kind of seems meant to be. I can occupy the next few months, see if I like this idea.
So I have emailed the school.. We will see what they say.
It sounds like the graphic design industry is just as saturated as the film one - only at least it isn't as dependent on all these other stupid factors like the dollar, and writers in the USA, cheap producers, and psycho menopausal bosses. (Ok I am sure it will have some of those issues but I imagine there will be more options if you run into the latter two)
There is my new plan....

I finally got more yarn yesterday to finish Minou's shrug. Photos as soon as it is done.

We went to go see no man old country or old man no country or whatever it is last night. Good movie. But once again - like sweeney todd I spent half of it with my hands in front of my face. Lots of blood and violence. But good movie don't get me wrong. We hadn't been to a movie in so long on a weekend we had no idea there would be such lineups! Man. What has the world come to - and two pops and a popcorn for $13? Sigh.

Sun is actually out. Perhaps I should think about getting dressed and taking the girls for a walk.


  1. I have no experience with graphic design... I just want to say,

    You're unemployed, at home and there are two adorable puppies there - excuse moi, but is it too much to ask for some photos of my favourite chihuahuas?

    Thank you. That is all.

    Desperately Seeking Doggies in Dartmouth

  2. There must be something lucrative you can do with all that talent. I have a friend (rhosbud on my links) that works steadily in magazine illustration. I contracted a web designer for work to do our website - he is self employed with a partner at a small firm. The first year or so was tight while they built up their portfolio, but they are doing really well now and busy busy...

  3. I know so many disaffected graphic and web designers, so it's hard to say that's an easy road. And on the flip side I have more than a few friends who were nailed by web designers who didn't quite know what they were doing...

    I see you as more the entrepreneurial type, given my vast knowledge of your blog. We have some friends that started making bags and selling them at local market days. Now they have a vast megaconglomerate... well, at least they have hired out to have the bags fabricated by other people and have developed a market.

  4. Two words Doggie Duds... Little Doggie Duds… I know that is three words, however you have the design talent, sewing equipment, access to fabric, PLUS two very cute models.
    Go to type in dog clothing...
    I love Annie's Sweatshop
    How cute is this?

    Look at the right hand column on the shop home page you will seethe number of items for sale AND the number of items sold

    You can do this at home, in your jammies, you'd be your own boss.