Wednesday, January 16, 2008

ok 2008 sucks A S S.
i just got the WORST haircut of my life. I have done some pretty whacky things on the hair cutting scale but I have never left the hair dressers crying before. I did today.
It will take at least a year to get it back to something normal. It is horrific. And short. Really short. For those of you that know we are going back to mullet lengths here. I said I wanted it long enough to go into a bob if it didn't work. HE DIDN'T LISTEN. I'm going out to buy some hats tomorrow. Several. And barrettes galore. The guy just didn't listen to me. I've never constantly stopped someone during a haircut. I usually sit there and take it. But it was going really really really wrong. I should have just got up and left.
So upset. It doesn't help with the whole not sleeping last night - I just feel so out of sorts now. Got home around 2:00 and put my pjs on - don't feel like doing anything. Feel like I am sick and want to curl up with the flu but there is nothing wrong with me except my hair -and I can't wait until I 'feel better' when my hair grows out.

I WAS in a good mood until my haircut. I met with the graphic design people at the school this morning after 2 hours of sleep - they are excited to have me as a student and I am able to skip several courses due to my degree. Just having her talk about the layout of my resume was interesting. Now I am trying to decide how many courses I should register for. 3 or 4. Don't want to overdue it as I do still have an artsclub show to do.

Speaking of which I should get to work on it. Still lots to do sketching wise.

Please send all wigs
c/o me
Port Moody

- A


  1. I'm sorry about your haircut trauma, Angie... I totally sympathize, I had the same experience not so long ago.

    I just caught up with your blog, and realized how out of touch we are... I really hope you can make it on Saturday, but if you can't let's make some plans to get together and catch up!

    Here's to 2008...

  2. Perhaps you can wait a few months and have someone really talented shape it a bit. So sorry to hear that...its been awhile since I've had any disasters (mine seem to be self inflicted and related to hair colour). If you were on this side of the country I could send you to someone...

  3. Moe does seem to have the best hairstylist...

    Ang - It can't be as as bad as the mullet cut, can it?

    Now, please tell me the name and salon address of this alleged "hair stylist". I have a friend named Bubba who needs a "haircut".

  4. So, the time I cut your hair in the washroom of our dorm, that wasn't as bad as this?

    Wow. I've got skillz.

  5. Hair does affect the way you feel, doesn't it?
    For my last hair cut I walked into a new salon ( new to me, new city) and I was snatched up by Kimmie from Vietnam who gave me the Saigon Special. Good Gawd, I was clenching my teeth at the blow-dry and couldn't wait to leave. This could be why I've made a lot of hats lately. But you know, a few weeks on, the underlying cut wasn't all that bad and I don'
    t look like a saigon call girl any more. It actually falls kinda nice.