Saturday, November 7, 2009

From Wearable Art

It's that time of year again.... actually it has been for sometime. But I have just a little over a month to get my entry in so I better start... Went collecting leaves last weekend and other paints and crap that might inspire. I think I finally know where it is going and have a name for it but who knows what will happen. Much can change in a month.

No progress on the wedding plans. We need to pick a place. Had a brilliant idea this week - even emailed the location about it. But haven't heard back and can only imagine it is WAY out of my price range. But since the email we have come up with idea #2. I think when I am done work we might be able to actually make some plans. This last idea is the best so far. heh heh...

OK ok - found the pictures that mysteriously weren't on my camera last week - don't know what happened although there was a computer crash while I was uploading them to the computer.....
Here is a better shot of Minou's cave doggy costume
From halloween 2009
I have to share this one because I got this awesome sweater/hoodie at Lucky jeans a few weeks ago.
From halloween 2009

I paid too much for it but how could I resist? Minou made me do it - she was with me. I know you can't see all of it - I don't have any other pictures of it and I can't find it on their website. BUT LOOK AT THAT SKULL ON THE SLEEVE!!!!

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