Thursday, November 19, 2009

I was supposed to be finished this movie Nov 27th. I was really looking forward to it.
I need a break.

Yah I know I got to go to New Zealand for a week - but it wasn't exactly restful and put me really behind in every other area of my life.

I've been on shows since Jan last year - an unusually long stretch for me - with no breaks inbetween the four of them in fact some overlapped. I'm pooped. Those of you that know anything about film hours - they are long! 10 hour day is typically but 12 hour days are certainly common. I've had a rough time with some of the people I've worked with too - nothing like past horrors but still, I need a break.

But now I'm finding out it is going to be extended into Dec. Maybe only a day or two but I was counting down to next Friday and have been letting things pile up in anticipation of being able to take care of them soon enough.

I need the money -it always sucks to be unemployed when all you want to do is go Xmas shopping - especially for your fiance. But I really want a nice long afternoon nap everyday and some puppy time - and some guilt free time to work on my wearable art and etsy shop!

I guess it will be soon enough.
I'm just worn out.

I'm ready to start the holidays......

P.S. I dropped my headphones in the toilet at work today. Post doing my business..... Pre flush......
How unfortunate.....

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