Wednesday, December 31, 2008

heh heh
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We're back!
Happy New Year's Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I still have to take pictures of some of my Xmas projects but here is a first attempt....

My sock in progress
I have not started the second sock as I managed to break 3 of 6 needles one the first one. Perhaps bamboo sock needles are not the best choice for me. We drove to Nelson and Castlegar several times too look for more needles - CAN YOU BELIEVE I COULD NOT FIND A DECENT KNITTING STORE!!!!!!!! Either they weren't open or didn't have small enough needles. Unbelievable.
Julien in his dog bed by the fire
Birdie in her new sweater
Minou in her new sweater
Julien's recipe book
Julien's Dog Bed Special thanks to petra for letting me use her embroidery machine. It looks awesome.


  1. Pearly and I wish your family, friends and you a sweet 2009!

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my two favourite god-dogs and their parents!


    (BTW - photo of Birdie as Abominable Snowman? Best chihuahua photo EVER!)

  3. Happy New Year everyone! Birdie seems to love the snow- atleast for that brief moment in photo time! Maisie, not so much. BUT now that I see those amazing sweaters I'm determined to make her one (should be ready in a year or two) and force her to wear it.And I want an embroidery machine! You do amazing work Ang! Wow.
    Kisses for 2009
    Maisie and Michelle

  4. Aw... poor little wee Birdie. Robin is taller than Birdie yet even she gets stuck in the snow.
    Great looking gifts that you made.